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Cool Stack 1.3 is produced by the OpenSolaris Web Stack project. It is a collection of popular, free, Open Source software projects commonly used to run web sites. It is designed to make the installation and use of these free, Open Source software components easy while simultaneously providing the best possible performance for Solaris 10, Solaris Express Developer Edition, and Solaris Express Community Edition.

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New Features and Updates

Apache HTTP Server
Cool Stack 1.3 includes Apache HTTP Server 2.2.9, featuring a number of bug fixes, security updates, and performance enhancements from earlier Apache HTTP Server releases. Cool Stack 1.3 also provides many popular Apache HTTP Server modules to simplify the deployment process. See the Apache HTTP Server changelogs on the Apache HTTP Server Project website.

Cool Stack 1.3 has updated PHP to version 5.2.6. This includes a number of bug fixes, including fixes for security bugs. Also included is Wez Furlong's DTrace extension for PHP. You'll find samples for using DTrace with PHP in the DTrace Toolkit. As previously included with Cool Stack releases, you will find a number of extensions, like APC and Suhosin, to simplify deployment. Also included are database access libraries for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Cool Stack 1.3 has updated Ruby to version 1.8.6. Please see the Ruby project announcement for details. To simplify deployment the Rails gem has been included.

Cool Stack 1.3 includes MySQL 5.1.25. More details about the changes and bug fixes in this release are available in the MySQL dev list announcement.

New to Cool Stack 1.3 is lighttpd 1.4.19. Lighty (as it's called) is a small memory footprint, fast, standards compliant web server which is popularly used for FastCGI and as a reverse proxy, among its other features.


memcached 1.2.5 is included in Cool Stack 1.3. It has performance improvements over previous releases. libevent 1.3e, used by memcached, has also been updated.

Squid Cache
The popular Squid caching proxy has been updated to squid-2.6.STABLE20 for this release.

Apache Tomcat
Apache Tomcat has been updated to version 5.5.26 in this release.

Many More Updates!
Many other extensions and libraries have been updated. Some components now include Solaris Service Management Framework manifests. Please see the associated documentation and keep up with announcements on the web site. Also, join us and offer feedback on the OpenSolaris Web Stack project.

Obtain Installation and Configuration Support
Through Sun Developer Expert Assistance Service, Sun provides expert development, installation and configuration support with more support offerings coming. You will find updates on

Also Available: Developer Tools
In addition to it's award winning support for Java and Java EE, NetBeans 6 has support for Ruby, Ruby on Rails and PHP development. See the site for the latest NetBeans news on availability of these features.